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About represents the network of fifty-seven national organizations of shareholders and investors, which the VZMD’s (PanSlovenian Shareholders’ Association) international investors program, – Invest to Slovenia, and its media,, are also a part of.

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VIDEO TALK with the prominent international attorney, after meetings at the VZMD’s headquarters - preservation and European perspective of the “Share SUPPORT”, actions against VolksWagen, internationalization of the settlement of expropriated investors in

The prominent Viennese and international attorney, Mr. Eric Breiteneder, founder and owner of the law firm Breiteneder Rechtsanwalt GmbH last week visited Slovenia for business and pleasure at the invitation of President of the PanSlovenian Investors` & Shareholders` Association (VZMD), Mr. Kristjan Verbič. Mr. Breiteneder is a renowned expert in capital markets and protection of investors’ rights, one of the founding members and the communication officer of the International Financial Litigation Network (IFLN), and he also closely collaborates with the American organization The American Association for Justice (AAJ).


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In 2012, from the 19th to the 23rd of September, through its program organized the “Investors’ Week” and the investors’ exposition “investo Expo” that revolved around the main event “International Investors’ Conference on Financial Education”, which was held on the 20th and 21st at the prestigious Slovenian cultural and congress center Cankar Hall. This marked the world’s largest international meeting of investors’ representatives, which comprised of over 100 representatives of investors and shareholders, including members of EuroFinuse – European Federation of Financial Services Users, Euroshareholders – European Organization of Shareholders Associations, and the WFI – World Federation of Investors that together just in Europe embody over 4 million individual investors and shareholders.

For the first time all three prominent organizations and its members met simultaneously. Among other representatives of national associations of investors and shareholders, the meeting in Ljubljana hosted the Chairman of WFI, Roger H. Ganser (USA), the President of WFI, Jean-Pierre Paelinck (Belgium), the Vice-Presidents of WFI, Frank Fumio Kaneko (Japan), Robert Dannenberg (Brazil) and Aldo Sicurani (France), the President of Euroshareholders, Jella Benner - Heinacher (Germany), the Secretary General of Euroshareholders, Guillaume Prache (Belgium), the Vice-Presidents of Euroshareholders, Günther Mårder (Sweden) and Jan Maarten Slagter (the Netherlands), the Vice-President of the Russian Federation of Investors, Aleksey Smirnov, and the Chairman of FECIF – European Federation of Financial Advisers and Financial Intermediaries, Vincent J. Derudder (Luxemburg).


At the investors’ exposition “investo Expo”, which was held on the 20th and 21st of September, a wide range of not only Slovenian but also international industries, institutions and products were presented and promoted to establish new business relations, opportunities and capital. Furthermore, at the “investo Expo” and “International Investors’ Conference on Financial Education” conference sessions, discussion groups and educational workshops were offered for visitors and guests, providing a proactive approach to gain knowledge from experts.

Please contact us to become a part of similar future events, which will regularly take place in Slovenia or elsewhere in the world.


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